Karlsberg Shop Fitting

Karlsberg Shop Fitting is a manufacturer and distributor of shop-in-shop solutions, lightwalls, LED signs, display furniture, and material samples.

More Than Just Furniture

When you order furniture from Karlsberg Shop Fitting you are not just getting something for your showroom floor, but a unique, carefully crafted and designed element, that tells the story of your brand. Make a beautiful top-to-bottom zone of comfort with our wood flooring, studio furniture, room dividers, audio and visual information centers, perfect material sample displays, cool signs and unique wood acoustic ceilings.

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Product displays are key for your sales team. We adapt, adjust and create to your company's needs and specialties. No product is too small or too big.


Transform your shop-in-shop area into an island of uniqueness, that draws customers to your product and engages their senses which will lead to a positive buying experience.

Material Samples

Premium material samples for displays, boxes, stands and trollies can be carefully built for your brand. Our designers and craftspeople can turn your fabrics and leather into miniature works of art that allow the customer to test and visualize your product. Imagine with us a journey of exquisiteness, luxury, and balance - all we need for that visual journey to begin is your idea.

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