Material Samples

Material Samples

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Physical fabric samples that customers can touch, give an impression that photos can never replace. There is nothing better than having the customer experience the prize difference in their own hands. We develop and manufacture complete presentation solutions for material samples of leather, fabrics, wood, and metals. Furniture, suspension, trays, etc, are included in our quote. We cut, carve and cleave the materials into the correct size and mark them according to your catalog.

Color Cards

Custom-made also means freedom to create. Our designers work closely with a skillful team of craftspeople on high-efficiency solutions to utilize materials concerning quality and less waste. A modern machine park opens up more doors to possibilities and stunning creations.


A clean cut, a formatted trim, or a sharp edge. Your samples are in experienced hands. Each element can be tailored to your needs. Our premium material samples can as well be made to fit our shop-in-shop furniture and other pieces. Everything is custom designed and manufactured at your pleasure. Re-invent the trusted trolly into a focus point displaying not only your material samples but the feeling of your brand. Make use of our detailing to help guide your customers on their journey. It's all in the details. Making the extra effort to secure the feeling of exquisiteness, luxury, and balance for your brand.

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