Light Walls

A box can be more than just a box – with the right tools and in the hands of the right people, it knows no boundaries. From a lightweight solution for the traveling salesperson to a sturdy display on the highest shelves – we have something for everyone. Karlsberg Shop Fitting has years of experience in engineering practical, smart, grand, elegant, and lasting display solutions for all types of products imaginable.

Standing the Test of Time

We do pride ourselves on the quality we are able to offer our clients, as well as the vision we are able to make come to life. With our new and technically advanced machine park we are able to offer this service to an even higher level than before – and more efficiently than ever.

Karlsberg Shop Fitting SIA has received financing from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency under the International Competitiveness program. This program has co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund. Date: x.x.20xx. Nr.: XXX- X-xxx/xx

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