The Interior is the framework of the solution. How large do you want the area - and what is realistically possible? How many products should be displayed? Where do we want the customers to enter, and how do we want them to orient themselves? Which communication needs should be covered? How do we make the area into an efficient workplace? Maybe you have already sketched out some ideas you would like to discuss. The first step is to sit down together to determine your needs. Let us get to know your products and the company's values. It might take time, but it will soon be compensated by establishing mutual expectations.

Blindwalls & Dividers

Invite your customers into your zone. With dividers and blindwalls you can transform your shop-in-shop area into comfort and inspiration with our custom-made pieces, tailored to your brand and marketing strategies. All are made from quality European wood.

"One sits more comfortably on a color that one likes"


Transform your shop-in-shop area and control your surroundings with our detailed and focus-oriented pieces. Technology is incorporated wherever you might need it, and we custom-make anything to fit your requirements and goals. Combining old-fashioned marketing with the new generations seamlessly.


everything you can imagine is real

Karlsberg is a market leader in the production of illuminated advertising backlit lightboxes, shop-in-shop furniture items, and studios. Our designers work with clients to provide cutting-edge advertising smart solutions to shop studios and showrooms around the world. Our line of studio items and furniture allows your shop-in-shop display to stand out from the crowd. We provide more than promotional advertising but a new perspective on how potential customers interact with your brand.

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